Renaissance man

=n. A man who has broad intellectual interests and is accomplished in areas of both the arts and the sciences.

Non-Fiction Books

Digital Video Surveillance and Security

Second Edition of the ultimate guide to digital video security, Digital Video Surveillance and Security (Butterworth-Heinemann), provides a blueprint for the IP-based electronic security system clients need, allowing security professionals to protect their client’s place of business or home. The author gives detailed plans on the best camera position, areas of coverage, hardware and software to select in order to maximize the effectiveness of newer lower cost networked technologies.


If you are in the CCTV and Video Surveillance System industry either as a student, installer, engineer, designer, integrator, sales or consulting – then this book should be within arms-reach and once it is, you are likely to keep it very close to you for your next CCTV and Video Surveillance Project.  Australian Security Magazine

Best Video Surveillance Book Ever! — Davide Schiavon

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Build Your Own Server

Build Your Own Server (McGraw-Hill/Osborne) Build Your Own Server is a thoroughly illustrated how-to build a server book. Explains in detail how to share resources within any office environment–or between two or more computers–by building and maintaining your own server. Maximize the same server functionality large corporations use for better security, improved workflow, enhanced cohesiveness, and data and resource sharing. Give customers or employees secured access to data from their own Web browsers, administer your server remotely, turn your server into a wireless access point for secure, shared wireless networking, and much more. Build Your Own Server is a complete, illustrated step-by-step guide to the skills, tools, and accessories you’ll need to build a server with 99.9 percent uptime for a fraction of the cost.



The author is very detailed in explaining hardware, software and configuration issues. An absolute MUST-HAVE even if you have built computers before, because of the thousand new issues that are explained in the book and you never thought of! Very detailed, and a truly simple and basic explanation of all one needs to know. Highly recommend this book to anyone building, or even thinking of putting a computer together. The hardware buying options in the book are sure to save money. –Ramesh Rajagopalan

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Visual Storytelling: The Art and Technique

(New Edition)

This is the complete, unedited version of Visual Storytelling: The Art & Technique, originally published by Watson-Guptill/Random House. This book cross-pollinates film, animation, interactive games and comics to inspire artists when transcending the written word into visual media. The unedited version was double the published size, without the Harlan Ellison introduction and the special Jim Steranko section or cover.


This book belongs in the library of anyone who is or would like to be a storyteller whether it be comics, animation, film or any multimedia field. This is one of those rare books that doesn’t get published enough. The fact that it covers more than one medium makes this an invaluable reference title. Besides, how often do you find a book that tells you how Steranko does it? –Antolino Mendoza

I can not find a better guide that spans so many mediums. This is an excellent read as well as resource. Thank you Mr. Caputo on another wonderful book. — Amazon

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How-To cover

How to Self-Publish Your Own Comic Book

The Complete Resource Guide to the Business, Production, Distribution, Marketing and Promotion of Comic Books.

New edition available after years of being out of print. Although originally published in 1997 (Watson-Guptill Publications Inc.,U.S.) , this new updated digital only edition of How to Self-publish Your Own Comic Book: The Complete Resource Guide to the Business, Production, Distribution, Marketing and Promotion of Comic Books still contains valuable business data, sample contracts, promotional ideas and an updated section on The Internet. The production method of comic books and graphic novels may have changed during the digital revolution, the concept and steps are the same.

This book begins with how to start your new business of publishing, protecting your privacy, trademarks, and copyrights. It delves into the business of comic book creation, printers, contracts, distribution, sales and marketing strategies; budgets and bookkeeping; capital and investors, and secondary rights from someone who did it all, once upon a time.

New Edition


Chaosis (MG3) is a horror, techno-thriller graphic novel that pits the darkness of technology, money, lust and power against the humanity of tragedy, love, and mortality.

Written by Tony C. Caputo and masterfully illustrated by Lin-Li Hsiang

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Little Big Shot

In the future, humanity has perfected itself with bio-engineered intelligence, chiseled cheekbones, flawless skin, and enchanting smiles. With nothing left to conquer at home, they set their sights on the planet Jupiter to harvest the gas giants resources. What they discover beneath the red spot delivers a crushing blow to the conceited human psyche. Humanity is no longer the biggest, nor the brightest, as they find themselves being rescued from a ruthless, mechanized, alien threat by the descendants of Earth's historical past.

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Vesper's Graphic Novel

This is an Special Kindle Edition with an exclusive 25-page additional story for 152-pages of story and art! Vesper's Book One is about a twelve-step support group for the inhuman, and the supernatural lead by Vesper, a rock star and witch, who gathers together a supermodel, a vampire, a zombie-like monster, and guardian angel, all with extra-ordinary abilities and powers, but still dealing with their own all too-human personal demons. It's the unreal in the real world, where while battling depression, loneliness and addiction, they find themselves on the road to destiny, brought together to fight the ultimate evil in the battle for all the souls of Earth!

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4-Color, Inc.

4 Color Inc. is the story of Vic Connell, an aspiring artist and storyteller struggling to break into the world of comic books. Vic thirsts to maintain creative freedom in an industry of corporate machines, so he and his girl friend Anna Harper form an independent publishing company called ENO Comics. Within a few years, ENO Comics becomes one of the largest publishing companies in the industry. As friendships, lovers, partnerships, and freedom begin to erode, Vic fights to keep the corporation from falling into the wrong hands, while keeping the books flowing to the fans.

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Art is not about thinking something up. It is about the opposite – getting something down.